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The Best Way to Clean Your Warehouse in Dubai

Cleaning a warehouse is different from cleaning a normal space such as your office or living room. For a warehouse, the process is more complicated and tedious. As a result, you need a partner whom you can trust to do the job for you. We, SWACH, are that partner.

SWACH is a company committed to providing high-quality cleaning services to the people of Dubai and the UAE at large.

For warehouse cleaning, we focus on the following:

1. We Have a Plan

The process of ensuring that your warehouse is clean starts with having a strict plan of how you are going to maintain high levels of cleanliness. We gather all the detergents and tools that we are going to use beforehand. Communication with our clients about the best time to clean is also important.

2. Preparation

Before we start to clean your house, we prepare adequately. We start by deep cleaning the most vulnerable areas of your space while removing significant spots of dirt and debris at the same time. We ensure that nothing in your warehouse will be destroyed during the cleaning process.

3. We Clean Both the High Areas and the Floors of Your Warehouse

First, we will start by cleaning the high surfaces. While cleaning these surfaces, the loose debris will fall on the floor, which we will clean. Beginning with the high surfaces before proceeding to the floor ensures that we do not end up cleaning the floor twice.

For high surfaces, we heat and cool ducts, clean the upper windows and frames, and remove the dirt at the top of pallets and racks. We use an extension pole with a duster head or a vacuum cleaner to achieve this.

As for the floors, we focus on the areas underneath the racks and crannies. We remove the stains and do away with any obstacles that might be present.

4. We Have a Checklist

For each of our clients, we have a checklist that helps us to ensure that all the parts of your warehouse are clean – no omissions. With all the cleaning materials and equipment at our disposal, we have seen it all. We can clean any warehouse in a very short period.

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