Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our discerning clients have specific questions about our professional

maid services. Here are a few of the common questions we hear SWACH.

General Questions

What type of cleaning services do you offer?

Our cleaning services cover a wide range of different niches. We offer all kinds of home cleaning services, including mattress cleaning, carpet and curtain cleaning, deep cleaning services and moving in and moving out services. No matter what kind of cleaning you’re looking for, we likely provide it.


Do you provide commercial as well as residential cleaning services?

Yes, we offer both commercial and residential cleaning service. We work with a variety of clients, cleaning homes, business properties and many other types of commercial spaces. We also offer warehouse cleaning services too.

Do I have to be home when the cleaners visit?

You don’t have to be at home when your cleaners visit if that’s not something that works for you. Instead, we’d be happy to arrange a secure key holding service that allows us to gain entry when you’re not there. Or we can arrange a way of getting into your property when you’re not there that works for you.

Which locations do your services cover?

We provide our services in a wide range of locations. We’re based in Dubai and deliver our services here. But we also work all the way across the United Arab Emirates.

Can I cancel the service when I want to?

When you sign up to our services, you’re bound by the terms and conditions of the agreement. When the agreement is up, we can renew or you can cancel the service. We’re also happy to offer flexible services that work for you if you’d like to pause the service temporarily.